Yves B was born in 1961.
He created his large format works on paper by combining ink, charcoal, sanguine, dry pastel and acrylic paints. His technique is polymorphous with sketches, photos, drawings in charcoal, acrylic and Chinese ink.

Yves B came to art progressively and in parallel to an intense professional life.
He took lessons in sculpture from Jonathan Hirschfeld in Paris during the 1990s, completing his training with drawing lessons the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.
His career took him to Brazil and Japan before he returned to France.
The line art and use of space in Japanese culture have left their mark on his soul.

During his travels and his professional career, he used his limited free time to sketch faces and poses in trains, planes, airports and subways whenever he had a moment to spare. Initially he drew on a Palm, a small-format digital diary popular at the beginning of the Noughties. Faces, attitudes, poses of thirty seconds or a few minutes. His sketches are done in a sudden spontaneous burst that allowed him to really work on the strength of his lines. Most of the time, the fact that he was sketching on his digital diary meant that the people he was drawing don’t even realise what he was doing.

He visited many museums and art shows, drawing both the works and the public looking at them.